Why a Real Estate Agent Help You In The Sale Of A Property

Today we want to explain some of the advantages of having a real estate agent to help you sell your logistics assets.

1. Experience and Specialization

Real estate agents are dedicated to intermediating in the purchase and sale of assets. It is their main function and, therefore, they have extensive experience in this process. In addition, there are real estate agencies specialized in a specific sector such as real estate logistics.

Oasis Oasis Home Buyersis a clear example, a real estate consultancy with more than 25 years of experience and a team of professionals who advise on the search for spaces, from land to develop new construction platforms to already built warehouses that can enhance the development of the business activity.

Added to this is the support and joint work of all the departments involved in the process, which allows us to offer a complete service.

We have a marketing team that works to provide the dissemination and visibility that the asset needs, having previously developed a work strategy in which the use of tools based on R&D such as drone flights and 360 tours is implemented.

All of this adds great value to the customers’ buying and selling experience, which is also enhanced thanks to the involvement of a technical department that is responsible for advising them on the implementation of their project, on the legalization of the activity or subsequent maintenance of assets.

2. Location

Not only do they have experience in the sector and can have a high degree of specialization, but also choosing a real estate agent in the area where you want to sell the asset will add important knowledge of the local market to your process.

Many times, the sellers of this type of logistics and industrial assets are large corporations with properties in very different locations, which make it somewhat difficult for them to have updated information on specific areas. Hence the importance of having agencies based in the environment

3. Tested and Filtered client Portfolio

Even if you have experience selling assets, it is difficult for you to reach a database or portfolio of potential clients like the one available to real estate agents with years of experience. Furthermore, it is a proven list and, with the appropriate filters, it can greatly speed up the sales process by finding the ideal buyer more quickly.

4. They Stick Up For You… And They Do It Very Well

As we said above, the experience of real estate agents in sales makes them people accustomed to dealing with clients, resolving doubts from buyers and sellers, empathetic people and capable of putting themselves in the shoes of each of the parties to do more for them the entire buying and selling process is easy.

Having someone in your sales team who can serve customers with solvency, friendliness and efficiency will give you many points with potential buyers.

5. Savings in Procedures

Dealing with potential buyers, with people who are interested but who you don’t know if they will finalize the purchase, requires dedicating hours and a lot of work. Sellers are generally not exclusively dedicated to selling assets and this process can cost them significantly in time, energy and even money. Therefore, outsourcing the property marketing process and delegating it to a real estate agent dedicated to this sole function can mean significant savings in the company’s accounts. In the property buying and selling processes, our recommendation is that you always have specialized such as Oasis Home Buyersthat will make things much easier for you and, in addition, will save you time and money, shortening the period in which the property is for sale and taking charge of managing potential buyers.

Good luck, game changer!

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