Useful Ideas For The Basement Renovation

The workshop for the most handy

We have given a series of useful ideas for the basements of people who like cinema, wine, or billiards. But maybe you are passionate about basement DIY. If so, the basement can be your workshop where you spend long hours entertaining with your tools, your creations, and your repairs. 

And who knows? There you can make unique and handcrafted furniture that one day you will make known right here, like the furniture and accessories company Jensen Pro Construction does.

An indoor swimming pool

Yes. A swimming pool in the basement. It may seem crazy, but if it’s your dream and you know you’re going to take advantage of it all year long, why not? It undoubtedly has its advantages, and one of them is that any day of the year you can take a dip and do some lengths.

Another advantage is that a swimming pool carries a lot of weight, and certainly in the basement it does not pose any burden. Although the drawback, it must also be said, is its cost, especially due to all the plumbing and air conditioning installation that is necessary. But if you can and want, you should know that it is also possible to swim in your basement.

The typical storage room

It is clear that there are many possibilities to transform your basement into an important room in your home. Maybe after reading this you are already imagining what you are going to do in yours. While you think about it, evaluate it and decide, your basement can continue to be a large storage room, which is also important to have. Of course, tidy and organize your basement as much as you can with shelves, cabinets and hangers so that everything you store there is at your disposal at any time.

Some more ideas for your basement: a gym

Taking into account the circumstances we have experienced this last year, the idea of ​​having everything we need at home seems very tempting. Therefore, one of the best options you can consider for decorating basements is to create a gym where you can exercise from home, without wasting time going to any center.

Additionally, if you would like, you can hire the service of a personal trainer who can help you meet your goals in your own gym. They are all advantages! Consider this great option to decorate your modern basement in a different way.


Although we always have the washing machine in the kitchen because it has been designed this way in smaller homes so that everything can fit in the same space, if we have a house with a basement, a good idea is to use part of this area to create a laundry area. In it we can locate the washing machine and the dryer, and a lot of storage space to store everything we need for this room.

In addition, you can even create your space in this area to store winter clothes, or the shoes that you have left over in your bedroom or entrance. If you have a house without a basement, consider enlisting the services of an architect who can carry out a project to create an underground space.

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