Tips To Get The Wedding Dress Right

Are you getting married and can’t find the perfect wedding dress? Peaceful! Despite being one of the most exciting parts of organizing a wedding, it is also usually the one that worries us the most. And, it is normal, because every bride wants to look radiant and spectacular on the happiest day of her life.

At Renee Atelier, we want to make your dreams come true and to make your path easier with the best bridal dresses collections. Therefore, we want to help you with these tips so that your wedding dress highlights your natural beauty even more.

Tips to get the wedding dress right

The wedding dress will be a statement of intentions, because through the design, you can show your style and personality. Since choosing the right suit is a complicated task, we provide you with these useful tips that will be of great help to you. Take note!

1. Define the style of the wedding

Before choosing the wedding dress with which you will walk to the altar where the person you love awaits you, you must take into account certain aspects , such as the place of celebration, the season of the year, whether it will be day or night, etc. Well, all of this will influence the final decision and the result will be in tune with everything else.

2. Set a budget

As a general rule, almost no bride has an unlimited budget to choose the dress, so before falling in love with a model, the ideal is to delimit the budget that will be allocated to this issue. This is important because this way you will avoid having to rule out an option that you love, or sacrifice some other section that you wanted to include in your wedding.

3. Do not delay the search for the wedding dress

Without a doubt, choosing a wedding dress cannot be delayed for long. In fact, the ideal is to start looking for the suit between 6 and 9 months before the big day. In this way, you will be able to calmly try on all the designs you want, think carefully about which one will be chosen and, of course, have room to make the necessary modifications.

4. Examine your body shape

There are as many dresses as there are body shapes, because the truth is that not all women look good in the same way. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the one that highlights what you like most about your body or what you feel most comfortable and confident with. So that you know which type of wedding dress is best for you, we explain which one is ideal for each body. Pay attention!

Rectangle body: avoid tight-fitting dresses with straight lines, as well as fluid designs and short sleeves. You should also rule out very long skirts with endless trains and square or round necklines. However, those fitted in the upper waist area will fit you like a glove. A tip that you can use is to opt for V-necklines or bare shoulders if you want to elongate your figure.

Round body: opt for a dress with a high waist, an empire cut in which the skirt is fluid and falls along the body. As for necklines, you should go for the sweetheart or V neckline.

Triangle body: to balance the silhouette, it is advisable to decide on an A-line model that is not too tight on the hips. Another style that will look great on your figure are princess-cut dresses, you can opt for draping and V-necklines.

Hourglass body: being a balanced figure, any style of wedding dress will look great on you, although the most recommended are those with a sheath or mermaid cut. As for the necklines, the boat will suit you ideally.

Body in inverted triangle: the essential thing is to provide volume in the hip area and, on the contrary, subtract it from the shoulders. How can you achieve this effect? Through scoop necklines and skirts with great volume.

5. Try on wedding dresses of different styles

Despite the above, every bride should wear the dress that makes her truly happy. For this reason, we recommend that you do not miss out on trying all the styles that you fancy. When you find the right one, we assure you that you will know it because you will not have felt the same before. Don’t forget to try them on calmly and move around with them to see how comfortable you feel.

In short, the wedding dress should be one that reflects your personality and does not make you feel dressed up. Furthermore, since the wedding day is very long, at Renee Atelier we advise you to choose a design that is as comfortable as possible so that it adapts to your celebration.

And, of course, don’t forget the accessories, headdresses, makeup and hairdressing that must go in harmony and according to your tastes.

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