Luxury Helicopter Services: What Sets Them Apart on Everest Base Camp Tours

The scenic Everest base camp helicopter tour is a golden opportunity to see the majestic Mount Everest from above. This scenic hike gives mesmerizing views of the world’s highest point so that you can enjoy its elegance.

This few-hour short Everest Base Camp tour is for small groups of people, so it feels relaxing and memorable. The luxury helicopter services begin with a helicopter ride from Kathmandu to Lukla. Then, you’ll fly to places like Pheriche and notice famous places like Kala Pathar and Everest Base Camp from the air.

You can also take a look at the Everest View Hotel, wherein you can enjoy a delicious breakfast with the stunning scenery of the mountains. This hike is perfect-suit for individuals who don’t like hiking or get ill at excessive altitudes. It is a kind of luxurious journey that takes you through the stunning landscapes of Nepal.

Features of Luxury Helicopter Services for Everest Base Camp Tours

Imagine an aircraft flying over Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, touching Everest Base Camp. It gives mesmerizing views surrounded by majestic mountains. This helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp is a thrilling adventure simply an hour away from Kathmandu.

During the journey, you may land at several scenic locations like Kala Pattar which offers stunning vistas. There’s also a landing facility at the Everest View Hotel, wherein you can enjoy a delicious breakfast with the stunning scenery of Everest from 5,455 meters.

While the teahouses near Everest Base Camp won’t be very expensive, a helicopter tour of Everest is certainly a luxurious experience. The helicopters for these journeys are generally new and nicely maintained, so that you may have a secure and cushy experience.

The eye-catching views of the Himalayas from a helicopter make this trip all of the more scenic, making it an unforgettable ride.

Luxurious Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Services

This special helicopter tour to Mount Everest camp starts in the morning from Kathmandu. We will take you to the airport in a non-public transport. We will help you with a few paperwork earlier than we start our flight.

We will reach Lukla airport in much less than half an hour. Once the helicopter is refueled and the team is ready, you can enjoy the views of Lukla. Then, we will fly to the villages of Phakding, Namche, Tengboche, and Gorkhep. You can see the entire Everest base camp route from your helicopter.

Depending on the number of individuals in your group, we can also take land in Pheriche. Then we fly to Everest Base Camp. Due to the steep terrain, we can land within the real base camp. Instead, we will land at a nearby location called Kalapattar.

You can take the scenic photographs there. After enjoying the view, we can fly for 10-12 minutes and land on the helipad at Everest View Hotel. There you may have breakfast before we head to the helicopter.

On the way back to Kathmandu, we may take land once more at Lukla for refueling. After landing in Kathmandu, certainly one of our crew individuals will drop you off at your hotel in a luxury car. You can then proceed to your next vacation spot.

Is a Helicopter Ride to Everest Expensive?

Yes, taking a helicopter ride to Everest may be expensive. The charge depends upon in which place you begin, how long the ride is, and what are the provisions for safety. In common, it may cost around $1,000 to $5,000 per person.

This typically covers the flight, lets in, and from time to time a short landing at a famous spot close to Everest, like Kala Patthar or Everest Base Camp. But consider, that these charges would possibly move up or down because of such things as gasoline expenses and what number of individuals are going for the tour.

Even though it’s very costly, many people think seeing Everest from a helicopter is worth it because it offers you a unique and stunning view of the world’s highest points. If you are thinking about a helicopter ride to Everest, it is crucial to experience the scenic view, not the value.

The charge may additionally comprise different things such as in which place the tour starts and where the trip ends, where you stay, meals, and every other fun hobby you want to do.

It is critical to book your helicopter tour with a reliable and trustworthy business enterprise to make certain it’s far secure and exciting. Even though it is highly-priced, lots of people see it as a fancy dream of an entire life and a brilliant cool journey.

Where can you start the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour can start from several locations, each presenting an exciting tour.

1. Kathmandu:

Many people choose to begin their journey from Kathmandu because it gives a beautiful view over Nagarkot, Jiri village, Ganesh Himal, Langtang Range, and Gaurishankar before reaching Lukla. Then, you fly over the Solukhumbu highlands, landing at Kala Patthar and Everest View Hotel before getting back to Kathmandu.

2. Lukla:

This is a cheaper option where you could take a domestic plane to Lukla and then start your journey by using the helicopter to Everest Base Camp. It’s cheaper because of the shorter distance.

3. Gokyo-Ri:

For something special, you can start from Gokyo-Ri, a hidden Sherpa village with remarkable views of fresh-water lakes and lots of peaks. The flight goes north from Everest Base Camp to Gokyo Valley after which to Gokyo-Ri before getting back to Lukla and Kathmandu.

4. Namche:

If hiking is hard for you or in case you feel ill due to the high altitude, you may start from Namche. You can choose to fly again to Kathmandu from Namche or get picked up and flown to Everest Base Camp, Kala Patthar, and Everest View Hotel before getting back to Kathmandu.

5. Gorakshep:

For a short go back to Kathmandu, you may begin from Gorakshep and be flown to Kala Patthar for a top-notch view of Everest before returning.

6. Dingboche:

Private helicopter flights are to be booked from Dingboche to Lukla, and they take about 15-20 mins.

7. Tengboche:

 If you end your trek in Tengboche, book a flight from both Lukla and Kathmandu.

So, regardless of where you begin, you’ll get to revel in the breathtaking beauty of the Everest region from above.

What sets luxury helicopter services apart on Everest Base Camp tours?

Going to Everest Base Camp is a lifetime goal for lots of adventurers. It’s a golden opportunity to revel in the view of the tallest mountain in the world from a completely close vicinity. But is it a luxurious and expensive tour? It’s called luxury helicopter tours.

What sets luxury helicopter services apart on Everest Base Camp tours? Let’s delve into it:

1. Easy and Comfy:

Instead of walking for days to get to Everest Base Camp, luxurious helicopter tours make it smooth. You get to revel in an easy experience for your dream holiday spot. With this approach, you get time to experience the adorable views and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Himalayas.

2. Amazing Views from Up High:

One of the good aspects of luxurious helicopter tours is the view. You get to see the Himalayan peaks from above. It’s like enjoying a scenic view of snowy mountains, winding valleys, and icy glaciers. This makes you understand how large and beautiful Everest and its environment are.

3. You Can Choose What You Want to Do:

With luxury helicopter tours, you may make your plan. Maybe you want to fly over the mountains, or maybe you need to land at Everest Base Camp for a fab photo. You can even enjoy a picnic in the mountains if you want. With experienced pilots and reliable agencies, you could have the adventure you need.

4. Saves Time, But Still Fun:

If you do not have lots of time or you can’t walk anymore, luxurious helicopter tours are the best choice. You can still have a fun journey without spending weeks hiking. It’s a faster way to peer everything without giving up comfort.

5. They Take Care of You:

Luxury helicopter tours ensure you’re secure and happy. They enact strict policies to keep you secure, and they have skilled pilots and teams. From the moment you arrive, until you depart, they cope with the entire journey so you can relax and revel in your adventure.

However, luxurious helicopter tours make your Everest Base Camp experience more unique. You get to experience stunning views and make your journey ever-lasting. Whether it is a dream come true or a unique party, a luxury helicopter tour is a perfect option you’ll cherish all the time.

Types of Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tours

There are two main kinds of helicopter tours to Everest Base Camp that you may select from:

1. Group Joining:

This option is perfect in case you’re taking a ride with someone else. You’ll be part of a group of as many as five people, and everybody pays the cost of renting the helicopter equally. It’s inexpensive, but you will be flying with other individuals you may no longer enjoy the privacy.

2. Private Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour:

This luxurious helicopter tour helps you to book the entire helicopter only for you and your friends or your own family. It charges more, however, you get a customized revel. You can plan your trip, spend more time at every landing location, and even add extra places to visit.

Why pick out a Private Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

The Private Everest Helicopter Tour is a luxurious choice for team members and their own families. It makes the luxurious experience of Everest Base Camp even costlier by letting you tour simply with your loved ones.

This private tour is extremely good for unique events like anniversaries or birthdays, providing you with a unique and remarkable manner to celebrate. There are unique offers for couples on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year, making it best for having quality time.

Whether you are celebrating some special event of your life or certainly need to enjoy it with your buddies and relatives, the Private Everest Helicopter Tour gives you a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

How to prepare for the luxurious Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

Here’s a way to get prepared for the luxurious Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour:

1. What to Wear:

Getting ready for a helicopter tour is vital so that you can certainly enjoy it. Wear comfortable clothes in layers to live comfortably when the climate changes. Make sure to put on trekking footwear for walking around and wear a heat jacket, hat, gloves, and sunglasses to stay protected.

2. Photography Tips:

If you adore taking snapshots, bring an awesome digicam with extra batteries and enjoy taking shots. An extensive-attitude lens lets you capture large views, and using a tripod can keep your pictures constant.

The Final Wrap Up

Going on a helicopter tour to Everest is a comfortable, luxurious, and wonderful way to look at the world’s tallest mountain. Whether you are landing at Everest Base Camp, flying over the top peaks, or truly taking part in the view out of your seat, it is a trip you might not forget about.

So, if you need a genuinely cool adventure, consider booking a luxurious helicopter tour to Everest and seeing the world from an exceptional view.


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