How you can save your kids from cyberbullying in 2024

Cyberbullying is a curse, and today it has prevailed in our society. Young kids are more likely to face online bullying frequently, and parents are worried about protecting kids no time ever before. Smartphone devices enable kids to connect with cyberspace and download dozens of social media networks on their cellphones. So, young teens interact with people online and often become the victim of bullies, stalkers, and sex offenders. So, parents are desperate to protect their kids from cyberbullies and stop them from inappropriate activities.

What makes kids become victims of cyberbullying?

Young kids are obsessed with cellphone devices, and they love to spend time on a mobile screen. They want to make new friends online, and they often post several things on the web and create their digital citizenship. The web has become a wild beast, and our kids become prey to online predators due to excessive use of their smartphones connected to cyberspace. Here are the followings things that make kids become the victims of cyberbullying.

  • Inappropriate usage of social networks
  • Hookups through Online dating apps
  • Sharing of private media with strangers
  • Non-customized social media profiles
  • Excessive screen-time on phones

Young kids and tweens use cell phones and the internet all day long and spend an average of 7 hours a day. They download social messaging apps, like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. Teens are more likely to hook up with strangers using dating apps and social networking platforms.

  • Teens share photos, videos, names, school names, locations, and media with strangers.
  • Average teens spend more than 7 to 9 hours a day on instant messaging apps.

9 Manual ways to protect kids from Cyberbullying

Here are some ways that protect kids from online bullying manually and without using anti-bullying, anti-sexting parental monitoring software:

  • Parents should keep digital devices under their control and place computers and PCs in an open area in their houses. Stop your kids using digital devices in bed-rooms and meal-time.
  • Take a deep breath, and try to maintain a healthy relationship with your children about online activities on phones and PCs. Encourage your kids to discuss everything with you when they got inappropriate, dangerous, and suspicious things online.
  • You can build trust with your kids and set boundaries for the online activity. Force your teens to follow the boundaries.
  • Guide your teens not to respond to any bullying activity they face online. Further, don’t remove the text messages and media you have received from cyberbullies.
  • Always support your victim child, and don’t blame them at all. Moreover, find out ways to prevent cyberbullying to safeguard children. Support your kids when using social media, and guide them frequently.
  • The emotional pain of being bullied is massive, and parents need to protect their kids in an emergency and teach them how to report a bully person online.
  • Parents should not threaten their teens to snatch their phones but try to figure out the best solution to deal with cyberbullying.
  • Talk to the school administration about bullying, and convey to them to keep an eye on the bullies to protect their teens.
  • Suppose you cannot deal with cyberbullying manually to safeguard kids and then use kids monitoring app. It will protect your teens from online bullying.

Use kids Monitoring software to protect kids from online predators

Several monitoring apps are floating on the web, and TheOneSpy is the best in the business these days. It enables parents to monitor, record, listen, and track kid’s online activities. It works secretly on the target cell phone, and remains hidden. It supports android, and iPhones to protect kids from cyberbullying. Here are some features of TheOneSpy kids monitoring solution to protect them online.

TheOneSpy kids monitoring application Features:

  • Screen-time
  • Screenshots
  • Screen recording
  • VoIP call recording
  • Spy on text messages
  • GPS tracker
  • Live surround listening
  • Live camera streaming
  • Keystrokes logging
  • View installed apps

Parents can use the kids tracking app on another phone and PC to protect kids from cyberbullying with its advanced features. Users can block apps to reduce screen-time, and you can watch installed applications with names. Moreover, you can capture screenshots of phones and PC to monitor activities without them knowing. Parents can track the hidden whereabouts of kids to prevent drug abuse, bullying, and hookups with strangers. You can listen to the surroundings by taking over the cameras and microphones of the target device. You can record live phone and PC screens with the TheOneSpy screen recorder tool to view live activity on the target device screen.


The One Spy is the best kids monitoring app in 2024. Parents can install it on target phones, tablets, PC, and computer devices. Parents can access the target device with its powerful anti-bullying features that allow parents to protect kids at the time and place of their choosing.

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