CR1616 Alternative: What are the Best to Buy?

CR1616 batteries are a popular choice for electronic devices because of their compact size and reliable power output. Alternative battery options may be desired by users depending on their specific needs. Our guide explores various alternatives to the CR1616 batteries, offering comparable performance and compatibility. 

This guide can provide insight into alternative battery choices that can meet your needs, whether you need a higher capacity, a longer lifespan, or a specific size constraint. Find the perfect power solution for your electronic devices as we navigate the landscape of CR1616 alternatives.

What is a CR1616 Battery?

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In a wide variety of electronic devices, CR1616 batteries are used as small, coin-shaped lithium batteries. The CR series offers high energy density and reliable power output with its coin shape and lithium chemistry. The CR1616 battery is compact, yet delivers significant power, making it ideal for applications with limited space due to its 16 millimeter diameter and 1.6 millimeter thickness. In addition to its lithium manganese dioxide chemistry, the “CR” prefix ensures consistent performance over long periods of time due to its long shelf life and stable voltage output.

Watches, calculators, remote controls, key fobs, medical devices, and small electronic gadgets find extensive use in CR1616 batteries due to their compact size and dependable power output. A wide range of devices can be connected to it, and it is available on the market, making it a popular choice for consumers and manufacturers. CR1616 batteries ensure smooth operation and longer battery life, whether powering everyday gadgets or critical medical equipment.

CR1620 Battery Features

Its compact size, stable voltage output, and wide array of applications make the CR1620 battery a widely used lithium coin cell battery. Before moving toward features, make sure to check out CR2450 battery vs CR2032 Battery  and CR2 battery vs CR123. So without wasting more time, lets begin with the features::

Size and Dimensions: CR1620 batteries have a 16 millimeter diameter and a 2.0 millimeter thickness and are coin-shaped. It is compact enough for use in small electronics and wristwatches, which have limited space.

Chemistry: A common battery chemistry among coin cell batteries is lithium manganese dioxide. Throughout its lifespan, this battery chemistry maintains a stable voltage output and high energy density.

Capacity: The CR1620 battery provides sufficient power for various electronic devices with moderate power requirements despite its moderate capacity compared to larger coin cell batteries. A remote control, a calculator, a key fob, and other small electronic devices fall into this category.

Voltage: As most lithium coin cell batteries operate at 3 volts, the CR1620 battery also provides 3 volts. A stable source of power is required for electronic devices that require this voltage to function properly.

Longevity: Over time, the CR1620 battery maintains its performance consistently and offers long shelf life. With CR1620 batteries, devices operate reliably between battery replacements for extended periods.

Compatibility: This battery size and specification is widely available and compatible with a variety of devices that require it. The packaging of these batteries indicates the battery size and specifications, and they are usually sold individually or in multipacks.

Availability: Battery specialty stores, electronics shops, online marketplaces, and retail stores all stock CR1620 batteries. In the event that batteries in electronic devices need to be replaced, consumers can replace them easily thanks to their availability.

CR1616 Alternative

Considering alternative batteries to CR1616 batteries is essential if you want to ensure the battery performs similarly and will be compatible with your electronic devices. Alternatives to the CR1616 are explained below in detail:

CR1620 Battery

Size and Dimensions: In terms of diameter, the CR1620 battery measures 16 millimeters. At 2.0 millimeters thick, it is slightly thicker than the CR1616 battery.

Capacity: CR1620 batteries have a larger capacity than CR1616 batteries, but they provide longer-lasting power for devices that require moderate power.

Compatibility: In applications where size constraints allow for a slightly thicker battery, the CR1620 can be used as an alternative to CR1616 batteries due to its thickness.

Applications: Used in electronic gadgets such as watches, calculators, remote controls, key fobs, and small electronic gadgets where a longer-lasting battery is required.

CR1632 Battery

Size and Dimensions: With a diameter of 16 millimeters, the CR1632 battery is thicker at 3.2 millimeters than the CR1616.

Capacity: Comparatively to the CR1616, the CR1632 has a larger thickness and more capacity.

Compatibility: The battery can be used in devices that are thicker and require a higher capacity battery to extend the length of time between batteries.

Applications: Electronic gadgets, watches, remote controls, medical devices, and smaller electronic devices commonly contain this component.

CR2016 Battery

Size and Dimensions: With 1.6 millimeters of thickness and 20 millimeters of diameter, the CR2016 battery matches the CR1616.

Capacity: Its larger diameter provides higher capacity and longer runtime than the CR2016 despite having the same thickness.

Compatibility: A CR2016 battery can be used as an alternative to CR1616 batteries, even in devices designed specifically for them due to their larger diameter.

Applications: Digital cameras and handheld gaming devices, as well as electronic toys, require higher capacity.

CR2025 Battery

Size and Dimensions: Its dimensions are 20 millimeters in diameter and 2.5 millimeters thick, whereas the CR1616 has a diameter of 16 millimeters and a thickness of 2.5 millimeters.

Capacity: Compares favorably with CR1616 in terms of capacity and runtime.

Compatibility: The CR2025 can be used in applications where size constraints allow for a larger battery even though it may not fit in devices designed specifically for CR1616 batteries.

Applications: Small, low-power electronic gadgets that are low-power and run for a short period of time, such as watches, calculators, remote controls, and remote controls.


How will my device’s performance be affected by an alternative battery?

Your device’s performance should not be significantly affected by alternative batteries that closely match the CR1616 battery’s specifications. Battery sizes or capacities that differ may, however, cause improper fit or substandard performance.

Where can I purchase alternative batteries to the CR1616?

Retail stores, electronics shops like Blikai Electronics, online marketplaces, and battery specialty stores sell alternative batteries to the CR1616, such as the CR1620, CR1632, CR2016, and CR2025. Your device’s battery size and specifications should be selected correctly.

Can I use a higher-capacity alternative battery for better performance?

Although high-capacity alternative batteries may provide longer runtime, it’s important to make sure they are compatible with your device. Incorrect fit or possible damage to your device may result from using a battery with a significantly higher capacity.

Final Verdict

The size constraints, power requirements, and compatibility of your electronic device should all be considered when searching for alternatives to the CR1616 battery. CR1620, CR1632, CR2016, and CR2025 batteries are just a few of the alternative batteries available and vary in size and capacity. To ensure optimal performance and longevity, you must choose the right battery for your device.

Your electronic gadgets will operate smoothly and reliably if you carefully evaluate the specifications of your device and select an alternative battery that closely matches the CR1616. A variety of alternatives are available to meet your needs, whether you need a battery with a higher capacity or one with a specific size. Your electronic devices remain functional and satisfy you as long as you choose the right alternative battery. If you want to learn more, then check it on  

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