How to Prevent Ponding Water on Commercial Roofs

Ponding water is one of the biggest concerns for commercial property owners. Many commercial buildings have flat roofing systems that accumulate rainwater. As the drainage system of a flat roof is not good, there is a risk of ponding water. 

What Are The Ways To Prevent Water Buildup In Your Roof?

There are some ways to prevent water from accumulating on the roof surface.

Consider Roof Replacement

Damaged or wet insulation can lead to ponding water. So, roof components under the membrane need to be replaced to solve the issue. Your roofers in Smyrna Beach will build a perfect roof design, which sheds water easily.

Add Some More Drains

If there is heavy rainfall in your region, a flat roof cannot manage a large amount of water. That is why adding extra drains is the right way to avoid the problem. Water will be directed from your roof surface.

Choose a Tapered Roofing System

The presence of a slight pitch makes tapered insulation a perfect choice. Although it is a small pitch, you will find a significant difference. But, tapered insulation is a costlier option for homeowners. Let your roofers create a pitch on the flat roof and increase the insulation amount.

Invest in a Scupper Box

If you notice the accumulated water near the building’s edge, a downspout and a scupper box can be the right choice. There should be insulation near the edge of your roofing structure. Sumped insulation can be the best option for lowering around the scupper box.

Repair the Roof On Time

Address roofing problems without delay because they can cause other issues in the future. Your roofing contractors will identify the cause of ponding water and take the best steps.

Which Factors Lead To Ponding Water?

Several factors result in the water pool on your roof surface.

Issues with your roofing design – If your architectural style is incompatible with the roofing design, it can cause ponding. So, structural designers have to evaluate beams and the overall system to avoid water buildups.

Foundation settling and the age of the house – Settling the foundation of your old house can affect the roof design. It also alters the drainage system of your house. 

Damaged insulation – Malleable insulation can depress unevenly and increase the risk of water accumulation. So, you have to add more insulation to solve the problem.

Improperly configured drains – If your roof’s drainage system is not good, you will find water buildups. 

Call Professionals To Save Commercial Roofs And Prevent Ponding Water

You can consult roofers for regular roof maintenance in Smyrna Beach. During maintenance, they identify the factors degrading your roof. They will also work on problems like ponding water. 

If you leave the accumulated water on your roof for a longer period, it affects the structural integrity. It may also cause the growth of algae and moss. Furthermore, water-saturated roofs collapse in due course.

To avoid these roofing issues, look for the best roofers in your locality. 

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